BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY)’s Security Model Better than iCloud

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In a recent Yahoo Tech Mix episode, the CEO of BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSE:BB) John Chen was interviewed by David Pogue to discuss the plans, and ambitions of the company. For starters, Chen was very confident in the encryption model of the company’s network, and added that it would have successfully defended against a cyber-attack such as the one that happened with Apple’s iCloud service which lead to the theft of personal photos of celebrities.

Security is what makes Blackberry devices

Chen did not want to disclose the model of his company’s security system, but he claimed that it’s the security that makes the Blackberry devices, the brand and the network unique for privacy and security of user’s data. Most of the important people of the world, businessmen and world leaders, including the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the British Prime Minister David Cameron, and the United States President Obama himself uses a Blackberry smartphone because it is the most secure phone.

Chen mentions of the QNX software platform that currently powers over 50 million cars worldwide. QNX, a subsidiary of Blackberry, was previously acquired by Blackberry was primarily used for infotainment systems. In the course of time, the possibilities and capabilities of these platforms grew further into features such as collision avoidance systems, automated driver assistance, parking assistance and so forth. Recently at the CES 2015, QNX demoed their latest smart car technologies such as the QNX OS and the QNX Car platforms, along with ventures with LG and Volkswagen.

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Productive Phone, that is secure, and has a long battery

John Chen will be focusing on bringing new products for his existing and new customers, “It’s about a productive phone, I want to make sure it’s very secure and very private, and has a long battery.” He is confident about the latest offerings of the company such as the Blackberry Passport that brought in a new form-factor and optimal reading pleasure, and the Blackberry Classic that reignited the old ways of the Blackberry user base.

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