Rumor The Apple Inc. (AAPL) Watch Will Be Available In March

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As in the past, rumors are agog on the launch date or timing of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Watch. However, since the company has imposed a deadline of early 2015, rumors have become louder now-a-days, particularly after the New Year.

Different reports provide the logic to support views on the timing of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Watch. The current rumblings are that the company is gearing itself to the launch in March. This is partly because the company has preferred to launch previous products at the third month of a quarter.

Mass Production

Though the rumors started growing since December, the latest report suggested that Apple Watch would likely to hit mass production in the current month. It meant that suppliers would get enough time to boost manufacturing, as well as, assembly.

One of the reasons doing the rounds for a March launch was that some of the employees from Apple Store would undergo extensive training at the company’s headquarters in Texas in February. It meant that Apple wanted its employees to be well aware of the product that might be launched in the following month, which is March. Extra schooling could indicate that Apple wanted to market the wearable device as a fashion accessory, which was not in its chartered territory.

Base Price

Though Apple has not disclosed its final pricing for its Watch, it indicated $349 as a base configuration for an aluminum chassis with ion-exchange glass. Its other versions like 14-karat gold and stainless steel would likely to carry a higher price. There were already reports that Apple Watch would represent 36% of its revenue uptick in the current year.

Rumors are also on the move that Apple was working to enhance inductive charging system of its Watch. However, doubts were raised about it since the chances of getting approval for any hardware changes in short notice looked slim.

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