Intel Corporation (INTC) Unveils Broadwell, 5th-Generation Core Processor

Broadwell Die

Broadwell Chip Die

After delays, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has finally unveiled its latest powerful processor – Broadwell. Several projects that were held back by the delays in the release of Broadwell can now tick off in full gear. In the new Intel core processor, the company has surpassed the expectation of manufacturers and consumers. However, the question that is never far from the surface is whether the latest development would improve the company’s financial performance.

Chip variants

As regards Broadwell, the chip is smaller than its predecessor Haswell, but delivers more in terms of performance, speed and battery life. The new chip also comes in different versions for the manufacturers to choose. For example, there are 28-watt and 15-watt variants, and Intel said the chips are built purposely for the next generation computing devices.

According to Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC), the chip of 15-watt is bundled with 5500 and 6000 Intel HD graphics, and the other chip, 28-watt, ships with 6100 Intel Iris. However, the different models are designed to support exceptionally high resolution – 4K ultra HD displays. The processors also support Intel’s WiDi technology.

The Broadwell processor is packed with a higher number of transistors than its predecessor. Its graphics performance is also 24% better and boasts 50% speed improvement in video conversion. Additionally, the devices that run Broadwell will have improved battery life, which is expected to be 1.5 more hours than Haswell chip.

Apple onboard

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is expected to release an improved MacBook Air, which is anticipated to ship with Intel’s high-performance Broadwell processor. Therefore, the official release of the chip means that Apple can now go ahead with the new MacBook Air project. It was rumored that Apple was waiting for the release of the improved core processor from Intel to begin the production of the redesigned MacBook Air.

The citations that Apple intends to use Broadwell in its new MacBook Air comes as good news for Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) as the company needs wide adoption of the chip to tap big revenue. Additionally, the association with Apple is expected to elevate the profile Broadwell processor.

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