Twitter Inc (TWTR)’s New Feature “While You Were Away” Is Great

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Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has begun rolling out a new and innovative feature, deemed “While You Were Away”. The new feature provides an interesting twist for users that have been away from the social network for a period of time and have missed tweets. Apparently some users have seen this feature since as early as December.

What Was Missed

The new feature  will recap the tweets that the user missed since the previous opening of the app. The new tweets would surface at the top of the user’s timeline.

 The new feature includes special logic to determine how the company would pick and choose tweets. When initially discussing the feature in November, the company indicated that each time a user opens its app, he or she would be able to see something great. The company will use information on the tweets and users that interest you the most to create the recap from the time you’ve missed.

Twitter is said to have broken up its timeline a bit. However, the changes would not be a drastic as the ones to the news feed on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) for its ‘Top Stories’. This is the first step for Twitter in engaging itself in enabling recap for the user. Recent tweets from the company suggest that this could be rolling out soon.

Screenshot Suggestion

The company’s screenshots also indicate that there would be a way to shut down the summary, as well as, get back to the scrolling mode through a user timeline as in the past.

Twitter is hard pressed to bring back its users with several improvements that it was relying on. One of them was, ‘while you were away’ feature. The company is hoping that the new features increase engagement and boost growth to monthly active users to the service. The service is also exploring other features such as better direct messaging experience apart from immediate timeline for new users.

For now the change is limited in availability and only availability on the iOS platform.

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