Google Inc (GOOGL)’s Gmail Reportedly Having China Issues

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Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) seems to be getting back what it was giving it to China. In other words, Google is at the received end. It was a well-known fact that both Google and the Chinese rulers were not seeing eye-to-eye on many issues. The Internet Giant has been plagued by problems in China for years.

Both sides indulged in fighting against each other at many times in the past. China always wanted its wit to prevail over anyone while Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) wanted to remain at least one step ahead of others, be it rulers or rivals. Sometimes, it proved to be gains and sometimes it turned the opposite way. It just happened, in the same way, in China now.

Google’s Gmail email service reportedly has been blocked in China, leaving users without access to their email throughout the weekend.

Firewall Stops Gmail

The biggest setback that Google received today was that its Gmail was not accessible in China. It was because of the Chinese great firewall booted out the site from its filtering system. As a result, many users in China were not able to gain access to their accounts in the last couple of days.

It has never been a cordial or smooth sailing for neither Google nor China. There were always complaints of disruptions in services and bickering among them. As a result, Google even charged that email accounts belonging to the government officials of the Americas were targeted in phishing, as well as, malware attacks from China.

Now, indicated that the web addresses of Gmail were remained blocked since Friday. It viewed the action as the government’s desire to put Google in its place by reducing its presence.

Outside Clients

The latest action raised the question as to what would be the fate in case Gmail users from the rest of the world were not in a position to access their Chinese clients. The outage and uncertain future raises the possibility that those attempting to communicate with China may have to switch from the Gmail service. According to Reuters, the Chinese government said it had no knowledge about the Gmail blockage and had always supported “foreign investors doing legitimate business [in China]”.

Google appears to be expecting something unfavorable from China. That’s why the company shifted its Chinese language search engine office to Hong Kong to provide uncensored contents. However, it retained some of its employees in China. The tit-for-tat between Google and China would unlikely to end.

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