BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) Collaborating with Boeing Co (BA) on Self Destructable Phone

John Chen Passport, Classic

Chen shows off the Classic and Passport

Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) and BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) are collaborating to create a smartphone that has the capability to “self-destruct” in terms of data storage if certain phone security features are tripped. Boeing and BlackBerry both have important and long-standing electronic security core competencies that are funneled into the anticipated Boeing Black Phone.

Aside from biometric scanners and Dual SIM card capabilities, the Boeing Black Phone is created to be tamper-proof and automatically erase user data if the phone cover is pried open or disassembled. Though ambitious, this is not an especially high-risk venture for BlackBerry. The company has similar projects in conjunction with Samsung that are also intended to create mobile devices with enhanced security features. Chen ended his description of the phone by saying, “That, by the way, is all they allow me to say.” as Boeing and BlackBerry will not announce many other details as to the hardware being used.

BlackBerry has an overall goal to be a leader in mobile device security, and is taking concrete steps to achieve that end. Its CEO John Chen is on record promoting the company’s BES 12 system and its integration into many smartphones and similar devices.  The move shows BlackBerry’s commitment to niche’s where it was strong such as government, and security.

First rumors surfaced in 2012 of Boeing Co Android Phone

Rumors of Boeing Co building a phone first surfaced in 2012, when it was reported that the company was a contractor selected to build Android phones for the defense and intelligence markets. It was reported at the time that proprietary operating system phones for use in defense could cost up to $20,000 leading to the project.

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