Facebook Inc (FB) F8 Developer Conference Now 2 Days


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s F8 conference has been given a second day. Now, it will be held in San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center on March 25th and 26th. Tickets aren’t available yet, but should be shortly after the New Year at FBF8.com.

As Facebook grows, expanding into more apps and customer demographics, the company has found a need to grow its development conference as well. This will allow for more product demos, technical sessions and onsite experiences for the developer community.

Last year’s conference was stuffed with information, so it looks as though Facebook is trying to make this year’s a little more relaxed and attendee-friendly. Furthermore, the conference will now take place annually. Before, it was just expected every few years.

This all seems to be a part of Facebook’s Build-Grow-Monetize strategy. This strategy was announced at last year’s F8 conference, and includes expanding into more apps and creating a platform for developers to create new apps through the Facebook structure. Parse, Facebook’s current backend development and analytics service is sure to see an upgrade at this year’s conference.

Other rumored topics include new developer capabilities and advertising improvements.

While nothing has been officially announced about the content of the conference, attendees can sign up for email alerts to know when tickets go on sale. Even at two days, f8 is sure to be a jammed-pack development event.

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