New Menu from McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) But Will It Change Much?


Faced with falling sales and comparable store sales, McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) seems to be drawing up a fresh menu to be launched in the next year. However, will it offer more changes to satisfy its customers or remove some items from the menu?

The move comes in the wake of McDonald’s adding approximately 100 items to its menu in the last one decade. As a result, the menu has become too complex for consumers and too costly for the company. The changing landscape of consumer’s tastes has also shifted to be more health conscious creating problems for the company.

Menu Items To Be Reduced

Only last week, McDonald’s indicated that it would reduce eight items from the menu and revamp it. It raised the question as to which items would get the axe. According to a report, the Premium Chicken Sandwich, the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, and the Snack Wrap are some of  products on the chopping block.

The Quarter Pounder burgers would be expected to scale back to just one type from the existing four types, according to a spokesperson of the company. Similarly, for Snack Wraps and Premium Chicken, McDonald’s is likely to reduce it to just only one type from the current offerings of three types. The fast food chain would also reportedly implement a cut of five Extra Value Meal offerings to just 11 from the existing 16 commencing from January next year.

The company appeared to be testing the fresh menus in key markets. As a result, it enacted these cuts in many of its locations throughout the country like Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, Delaware, Knoxville, and Little Rock.

Testing Takes Place

McDonald’s spokesperson told USA Today that the tests were designed to find out what works out and what is not within its restaurants taking into consideration the customer response, operational experience, and price points. Aside from it, the testing would also indicate any other key information with potentials to take future decisions.

Interestingly, as part of its meeting customer needs, McDonald’s intends to remove some ingredients from its food to attract health-conscious customers. The ingredients in question included preservatives and artificial additives. At this point reports indicate that both consumers and  analysts’ seem to be wary of the company’s new changes.

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