Increasing Number Of Cyber Attacks And Sony Corp (ADR) (SNE)’s Woes


Though the North Korean government has denied its hand in hack attacks on Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE),  its official statement did not carry any criticism of the attack. Rather, the government called the attack “righteous.” Its statement aired through state-run news channel said, “We do not know where in America the Sony Pictures is situated and for what wrongdoings it became the target of the attack nor we feel the need to know about it.”

Denial But Happy

It is still believed that North Korea is the one behind the hack attacks on Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE), which could be in response to its movie “The Interview.” The movie is based on the secret mission of two TV interviewers, who conspire to murder Kim Jong Un. North Korea has already showed its anguish over the subject matter picked by Sony and is happy that the hacking incident might teach Sony its lesson.

Its official statement conveys the tone, which said, “The hacking into the Sony Pictures might be a righteous deed of the supporters and sympathizers with the DPRK in response to its appeal.” Un is the supreme leader of Democratic Peoples Republic (DPRK) of Korea.

Similarity Of Malware

Another link pointing fingers to the involvement of North Korea is the similarity of hack attacks. It came to light that the malware used in hacking South Korean TV broadcasters and banks in 2013 and those for Sony are same, which bulks up the belief about North Korea’s potential involvement. Two weeks back Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) found tons of secret corporate documents leaked out, and now some of its employees have received emails threatening their security. The leaked documents of the company were sourced from an IP address located in Bangkok, Thailand. The investigations are on, and computer security experts signal involvement of an activist hacker group based on the targeted documents and ultimatum to Sony.

Viraj Shah

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