Facebook “Say Thanks” Tool is Clever Marketing

Facebook has recently released a new feature, called the “Say Thanks” tool. This new tool allows you to instantly create a video to document the relationship between you and one of your Facebook friends. It creates a simple slideshow showing all of the photos and posts that you’ve tagged yourselves in. A lively tune accompanies the video, together with a message that states “For the good times we’ve had… And the good times ahead… Thanks for being a friend.”

Some users may find this tool to be a great way to showcase just how special friendships on Facebook can be. In fact, ever since it was released, numerous Facebook users have commented on how great it was. The “Say Thanks” tool appears to be little more than a clever concept thought up by their marketing department.

Facebook Say Thanks Tool

The videos generated by this tool aren’t sent by private message. Instead, the Say Thanks tool will automatically tag your friend in the video. This allows others to see it as well. It also posts the video to your own news feed, so that your own friends can see it as well. The videos generated by this tool serve as a reminder of all the good times that we’ve shared on Facebook and reminds us that some of these relationships have been made possible because of the social networking site.

The tool is designed to make users feel nostalgic and happy about past memories. Rather than thinking critically, those who use it are mainly driven by emotion. Plus, it also causes users to have an emotional connection to the brand.

Facebook is a website that has everything that you need to feel nostalgic about your life. After all, it contains conversations with your friends, photos that you’ve shared, media that you’ve watched and more. This is one element that sets it apart from some other online services that have appeared on the market more recently, such as Snapchat.

After all, Facebook’s main objective is to keep you using Facebook as much as you can. The company doesn’t want to potentially annoy users by putting advertisements in their newsfeeds. These “fake ads” that are designed to make users feel connected to the brand work quite well. It isn’t the first time that Facebook has used such a strategy. Last February, during the 10th anniversary of Facebook, a similar tool called “Look Back” was created, which allowed you to make a slideshow of your personal history. Over 200 million Facebook users have seen the video of their personal history on the social networking website. Half of them have shared it on their Timelines so that their friends can view it and be encouraged to create a video of their own as well. This is what Facebook is now trying to do with the Say Thanks tool.

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