Apple Plan For Enterprise Taking Shape

Apple has recently taken step to capture a bigger share of the corporate market.  In order to make this happen, they have put together dedicated sales teams whose objective is to attract large corporations. At the same time, Apple is forming partnerships with various creators and developers of enterprise apps. Until now, Apple’s products have been quite popular among consumers and small business users, but weren’t seen in big quantities in large corporations. With their new efforts, it would seem that Apple is doing everything they can to change that and expand the market for Macs.

Corporate Sales and and Marketing Very Different

When it comes to sales, the company understands that getting attention from corporate buyers works differently than marketing to consumers. After all, it takes more than just a few creatively-made TV commercials to convince a corporate client to spend millions of dollars on your products. As a result, they have reportedly sent sales teams to talk to the heads of IT departments at large corporations. The identities of the corporations targeted aren’t well known, but sources familiar with Apple’s new plan have stated that Citigroup, a large financial services provider, is said to be one of the enterprise clients targeted by Apple. It isn’t yet clear whether Citigroup agreed to make any purchases.

Partnerships on the Software Development Side

On the software development side, Apple has reportedly worked together with various startup companies, like ServiceMax and PlanGrid. These startups focus on creating software tools used by large businesses. While no information about arrangements has been released, ServiceMax, the creators of an app used in the construction industry, are said to have worked together at sales and marketing events designed to show their products to industry professionals. Once agreements with other developers are formalized, it is expected that Apple will make an announcement to showcase the new enterprise applications that will be available on its tablets and smartphones.

In the early days of personal computing, Apple and IBM were fierce rivals, with Apple making the Mac and IBM being behind the standard platform for desktop computers. But things have recently changed significantly for both companies, as they are working together to launch a product called “IBM MobileFirst for iOS.” The aim of the product is to create custom-made apps for corporate clients in various sectors, such as banking, insurance, telecommunications and retail. The apps are designed to be used on Apple’s iOS platform, which powers its line of mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. Development of iOS apps for the corporate sector appears to be moving at a brisk pace. IBM has previously reported that they are working on over 100 different iOS applications as part of the IBM MobileFirst for iOS program.  (Also Read New AppleCare for Enterprise offers IBM Service)

IBM Apple

Recognizing that corporate clients need efficient and professional tech support services, Apple has also launched a new support service that is designed to meet the demanding needs of enterprise clients. AppleCare for Enterprise was rolled out last week. The service offers corporate clients who sign up 24/7 technical support, hardware and software troubleshooting service, on-site hardware repair, as well as quick replacement of mobile devices that are faulty.

Struggles of Windows, Strength of iOS gives Apple pathway to Enterprise

With the struggles of Windows 8, and the strength of iOS, Apple has a pathway into the enterprise and seems to be acting aggressively to seize the opportunity. The company saw itself in the top 5 for PCs (IDC) for the first time ever and saw growth in it’s PC business despite tough times for PC makers.

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