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Comparing the Tesla Model S P85+ vs BMW i8

Robert Vidra :

Tesla Motors has created a stir in the auto-manufacturing world with their innovative electric S P85+ model. The company’s aggressive marketing efforts have helped to keep them in the public eye and have enhanced the prestige of the vehicle. However, BMW is making its own statement with the i8 hybrid model, which takes on the Tesla car with a number of advantages and the reliability of the BMW reputation.


· Tesla S P85+ – Tesla impressed both reviewers and the car-buying public with its and conventional shape and attractive styling. However, for those interested a more “pop” for the high price tag, the Sportster P85 fell a bit short.

· BMW i8 – By contrast, the i8 is slung low and sporty, with molded fenders, carbon fiber compartment and an all-round sportier look than the Tesla. If wowing friends and neighbors is important to car buyers, the i8 offers a significantly more impressive appearance.


· Tesla S P85+ – When the Tesla Sportster first came onto the scene, the car’s handling received as much praise as its green credentials and good looks. Going 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds convinced the public that an all-electric could hold its own on the road. Some drivers complain the Sportster’s ride is too rough and bumpy on the low-profile PS2 tires, but the higher center of gravity of the Sportster affected handling only marginally.

· BMW i8 – With its lower profile and almost equal front and rear end weight distribution, the i8 offers the driver tighter turns and the carbon module’s light weight makes it easy to handle in a variety of road conditions. Like the Sportster, the i8 goes from 0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds, but braking was less responsive on the i8. The ultra-rigid chassis provides a smooth ride. The i8 just squeaks a bit ahead of the Sportster on overall handling.


· Tesla S P85+ – Telsa P85 is a fully electric model which relies on an ever-expanding system of supercharging stations set in high-visibility locations around the country. Fast acceleration and remarkable braking ability are two features that have made the Sportster one of the most popular electric models on the road.

· BMW i8 – The backup gasoline engine kicks in after the i8 travels 23 miles under its quiet, electric power.
The price difference is another distinguishing feature of the two cars:

· Tesla S P 85+ – At a base price of $94,000, Tesla appears to have better pricing than the BMW i8, but once you begin adding features you may need to make the Sportster more friendly for your own individual needs, the price rapidly increases to the i8 range. Improved seating, high-performance tires, tuned air suspension and other comforts can easily put an additional $2,000 to $8,000 onto the price for each item.

· BMW i8 – The BMW i8 has many of the high-performance features already loaded, putting the two cars nearly even in the final pricing. However, the i8 does offer three option packages, all of which increase the width of the 20-inch wheels and lifts the quality of the car’s interior.


In the end, the public wants to know what the two cars are like in everyday life. In this respect, some of the differences are clear:

· Tesla S P85+ – The roomy carrying space of the Sportster makes a favorite with families and travelers. The back seats are a bit low for comfort, and the passenger compartment is relatively quiet

· BMW i8 – Compared to the Tesla, the i8 offers only minimal baggage carrying room, with 4.7 cubic foot trunk space and nearly unusable back seating. In addition, the rigid carbon fiber passenger module transmits a significant amount of road noise to the occupants.

Both cars offer features that make it a tough choice between the two vehicles for those interested in purchasing a cutting edge electric model with high performance and great handling.