Tim Cook from WSJDLive on Everything Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Tim Cook from WSJD on Everything Apple

Tim Cook just spoke at the Wall Street Journals’ inaugural WSJD Live Conference and there’s tons of juicy nuggets from.

Here’s a quick summary of some of the Cook’s comments collected from the chat.

iPhone Tim Cook says the iPhone will continue to be majority of Apple’s sales (50 percent) for the next 5 years.
iPad Cook notes that there’s never been a product like the iPad that has moved into so many different businesses so quickly.
Mac Cook notes that the Mac has a great future and Apple has $18 billion service revenue”Would you rather own the Mac business or any of the Windows OEMS?”
Watch “Watch is profound.” “Excited about new constituencies looking at it — health, fashion.”Key to Apple Watch is that it can’t be “geeky,” needs to look really coolOn battery life:We think people are going to use it so much you will end up charging it daily
TV The interfaces of TV are like stepping back in time, says Cook. “We are living in the 1970s.”What we’ll do I don’t want to be so clear on,” Cook says. “But it’s an area of a lot of interest. And I’m optimistic … that there can be something great done in the space
Apple Pay In the first 72 hours after launch, Apple Pay already has had more than 1,000,000 activations.Visa said there are already more credit cards activated in Apple Pay than in all other contactless payments combined.The first design point of Apple Pay was that it must be EASIER to use than the credit card.Apple Pay is in “a skirmish” with retailers like CVS pulling out, says Cook. But the “early ramp looks fantastic.
Stock, Buy-Backs and Dividends We are doing the largest one in the history of the corporate world…This is a lot. Yes, we have some cash.I agree with him (Carl Icahn) that the company is undervalued.






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