4 Apple Rumors This Week

Evaluating the Apple Rumor Mill

Apple Rumors

The Apple rumor mill is always buzzing, and this week, it’s no different. As always, there’s no way to tell what’s accurate or what’s not, but pundits can speculate what is likely to be true. Here are four rumors that have been generated around Apple products and our predictions about whether they will pan out in the near future.

1. An Apple Pay Loyalty Program in the Works for the Holidays?

Citigroup Apple Pay

Apple Pay

It’s probably true, and it’s a good idea. If retailers are on board before the holidays, it will be beneficial to those who join. Many companies are excited about the chance to be a part of Apple Pay. The rewards program will benefit both merchants and shoppers and collect even more data.

 2. Beats Subscription Prices Will Be Lowered to $5 per Month?

Apple Beats Streaming

Many people are hoping that this rumor is true because it would more than double subscriptions. The concern is whether Apple will be able to pay musicians with a smaller monthly fee, but if they do it the people will be happy.

3. Nike + Apple Wearables?

Nike Fuelband

It’s rumored that Nike and Apple will be working on a stylish fitness tracker, and experts believe that this is absolutely true. Many of Nike customers are hoping that wearables will replace the discontinued FuelBand project. When they dismissed the team that designed it, everyone wondered what would replace it. Most pundits think that it will be an improved version of the Nike sensor and may also fit in the shoes and clothes like the previous version.


4. Apple Pay in my iAds

Apple iAd

There is a rumor circulating that iAds will get Apple Pay integration soon, and pundits think that it’s definitely true. The tap-to-buy button will be embedded in mobile ads, which could be huge for developers who are seeking to make more money from their apps. If developers are richer, Apple wins.


Rumors Abound

There’s always an Apple rumor swirling about and not all of them are true. That’s why customers need people who’ll do the research to find out the probability that they will come to fruition. Keep checking with our site to determine how true the rumors are as they are released to the public. It’s an interesting story to follow.

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