AT&T Earnings Preview Q3

AT&T Earnings Preview Q3

AT&T, INC (NYSE:T) will release its quarterly earnings on Wednesday, October 22th after the market closes.


Impact of Competition and New Plans on Margins

Investors will be interested to see the impact of the companies’ attempts to migrate customers to Mobile Share Value plans and the Next program and whether increase competition has affected  the company’s gross profit margin which currently is at 56.37%

Biggest iPhone pre-order launch day in the Quarter

Back in September Glenn Lurie, President and CEO of AT&T Mobility, announced:

“It was a terrific day for our customers and us. This is our biggest iPhone, pre-order launch day ever.”

Direct TV Updates

 The Direct TV deal is expected to close in the First Half of 2015 concentrating 26 million pay-tv subscribers under one roof. In good news for AT&T and Direct TV announced on October 2nd that they renewed their contract with the NFL to provide the popular NFL Sunday Ticket package.  The deal was reportedly worth $1.5 billion per year on average for 8 years, for around $12 billion total.

Investors will be interested in any Direct TV updates as they currently await regulatory approval.

Wall Street Expectations

Analysts are expecting the company to post earnings of 64 cents of share excluding certain expenses, compared to 66 cents year ago.

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