Microsoft Wearable Coming for Holidays?

Forbes Magazine Reports December Launch for Microsoft Wearable Tech

Microsoft Wearable

Concept drawing Microsoft Wearable with Metro UI

Forbes Magazine reports that Microsoft is making preparations to release its own wearable technology product “within the next few weeks,” giving it the chance to challenge market rivals like Motorola and Samsung for a share of the emerging wearable technology market.That market is predicted to be worth more than $7 billion by 2015.Microsoft’s move will also position it to enjoy sales during the holiday season, displacing iconic rival Apple — which will not be releasing its new iWatch product until early in 2015. The delay spells a golden opportunity for new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Microsoft Looks to Differentiate Offering in Competitive Marketplace

To reap the most value from its entry into the wearable technology space, Microsoft needs to make a clear statement of value from the beginning. Details released by Forbes suggest it will appeal to a broad segment of consumers and operate across multiple platforms.Let’s look at a few of the top features that are now known:

Extended Battery Life

According to Forbes, “sources close to the project” have said the new product will have close to two days of battery life between charges. If true, the item will significantly outperform market rivals. Apple, Motorola and Samsung alternatives need to be charged on a nightly basis.
Cross-Platform Compatibility

Microsoft’s Windows Phone holds only about 2.5 percent of the global smartphone market, so Microsoft has little to gain by using a “closed ecosystem” approach. It seems clear Satya Nadella’s leadership will be very different from the vision held by former CEO Steve Ballmer, who focused on Microsoft-only approaches.The new Microsoft wearable device is predicted to synchronize with a wide range of devices. It will operate freely with Apple and Android phones and tablets as well as native Microsoft hardware. That being the case, it stands to piggyback on the runaway success of Microsoft’s smartphone rivals.


Wearable Wellness Technology

As more people in the United States grow concerned about health and well-being, wearable technology offers unique solutions to emerging problems. Microsoft’s wearable tech will include its own continuous heart rate monitor and may have other wellness features.Because of its enterprise connections with healthcare firms and its long history with cloud technology, Microsoft might be able to easily outpace rivals when using wearable technology for health optimization. Dozens of new firms entered the tech-supported wellness space this year.
Can Anything Stop Microsoft’s Advance in Wearable Technology?

Thanks to its product’s exceptional battery life and the timing of its appearance in the market, Microsoft certainly seems to have an edge on many other companies — even those who have already had some time to develop a market position.

However, this doesn’t mean Microsoft is an unstoppable juggernaut when it comes to this new frontier. In the past, the company has had difficulty with product launches, dooming some of its most ambitious efforts to relative obscurity: The Zune music player comes to mind.

There are still questions about the possible cost of the new product and how well it will tie into smart devices from competing manufacturers. The selection of a price point may have a significant impact on whether Microsoft wearable technology stands out in what’s sure to be a busy holiday season.

For now, industry-watchers are looking closely to see how the launch reflects a changing approach for the Microsoft brand. With December fast approaching, will Samsung, Motorola or any of the other wearable technology hopefuls be able to react in time?

One thing is certain: The battle for the future of wearable technology is heating up.

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