Cook talks Apple Acquisitions, Capital Management, Mentions Sapphire Briefly;

More details are coming out from Apple’s Annual Shareholders Meeting being held today in Cupertino.

Within 60 days Apple board would announce changes to dividend and stock buyback

Cook noted that within the next 60 days, Apple’s Board would announce the result of deliberations related to adjustments for the company’s dividend and stock buyback program.

Cook on Acquisitions

Cook noted that within the past 16 months, Apple had acquired 23 companies but added that the “company was not in a race to buy up the greatest number of firms or pay the most money for them”, in an obvious barb towards Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp and Google with Motorola Mobility.

Apple has always used a more deliberate and targeted acquisition strategy.

US manufacturing

Cook was asked about US manufacturing and he quickly pointed to Mac Pro production in Texas and the new sapphire production underway in Arizona. As you could probably guess he side stepped any additional details on sapphire production.

Apple’s New Campus

Cook invited shareholders to attend the 2017 meeting at the new campus (pictured above) with its completion expected by 2016.

Read more details on the Apple’s Shareholders meeting at AppleInsider.


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