Microsoft reportedly dropped for Blackberry QNX by Ford?

Via RoadandTrack. Ford (F) has reportedly dumped Microsoft (MSFT) in an effort to rebuild its quality reputation as problems have plugged MyFord Touch.

Ford plans to switch from Microsoft to Blackberry’s QNX

Ford (F) reportedly plans to switch to a QNX based system.  QNX was developed from the ground up as a real-time embedded OS and is used by other automakers to power a variety of systems like driver assistance and active noise control as well as “infotainment systems”. QNX is owned by Blackberry (BBRY).

Hyundai and Kia also recently dropped Microsoft

Ford isn’t the first manufacturer to dump Microsoft in this arena as Hyundai and Kai also moved away from Microsoft’s solution.

General Motors used the QNX system in some cars but may use a Linux based system of their own going forward

General Motors‘ first systems in 2011 including its MyLink and Intellinlink systems were built on QNX software but newer MyLink systems in Corvette, Impalas, and Silveradoes are reportedly based on an open-source system derived from the Cadillac CUE System.

Blackberry QNX touted as a key under-valued asset

Blackberry's QNX system has been touted as key under-valued asset at the company since it was acquired in 2010 and powers a variety of real time embedded systems. Uses for the system listed by Wikipedia include: the world's highest capacity internet routers, flight simulators, air traffic control, shipping navigation systems, high speed train controllers, in-car infotainment and control systems, warehouse distribution systems, cable TV delivery, Hollywood special effects systems, smartphones, mobile devices, hospital/medical technology (e.g. ECG machines, angiography, cardic monitors, cancer treatment, LISIK systems), casino gaming systems, and more.

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