iWatch Rumors Updates, What You Need to Know

The latest Apple Inc (AAPL) iWatch rumors continue to indicate a health focus and that the device may measure physical functions like heart rate and oxygen levels but not glucose. The latest rumors comes from Sun Chang Xu of the Chinese site Electrical Engineering Times using a Google Translation, via MacRumors. The author cites supply chain sources with knowledge of the matter. Below we review what we’ve learned so far about the iWatch. It was also reported in Softpedia (LinkedIn Profile) that Marcelo Lamego began working for Apple. He was previously the was the CTO of Cercacor, a company that makes “noninvasive monitoring technologies”, and famous for a device that measures blood oxygen levels.

Unlikely to have glucose monitoring

The device is very unlikely to feature any glucose monitoring as the non-invasive methods have proven to be highly inaccurate.

Heart Rate and Oxygen Levels

Numerous previous rumors have indicated the iWatch would be a medical sensor laden device including many options for health and measuring oxygen and heart rate seem like obvious choices. An optical sensor may allow them to bypass the typical requirement of having a chest strap through using a optical light shown on the skin that would measure blood flow through capillaries.

Apple previously has planned to hire more scientists and specialists in medical sensor field to develop wearable technology capabilities and had a job posting for a User Studies Experience Physiologist.

Sleep Sensors

Earlier in February it was also mentioned that joining the list of interesting hire was Roy J.E.M Raymann sleep expert from Philips Research. He was described as an expert on sleep research with extensive experience in wearables, sensors, and non-pharmacological methods if improvement sleep quality. Numerous current devices and even apps for the Apple iPhone via either you wearing the devices or placing your iPhone on the bed so it’s intriguing to see where Apple may go with this.

Healthbrook App

9to5Mac and other sources have reported that Apple has developed an app that is codenamed “Healthbrook” which would be a sort of a data center capable of tracking the fitness related statistic and monitoring all the various vital signs. It is not known whether this would be the actual name of the app. The software would make Apple a competitor to Nike’s and Fitbit and reportedly takes cues in design from Apple’s PassBook app. The current iPhone has a motion processor which is able to measure steps. It isn’t clear how the features of the iWatch and the iPhone will meld together in Healthbrook but it will operate as some sort of home for data collected.

Sensor world is going to explode

Cook has previously stated in May 2013:

“The whole sensor field is going to explode,” he said. “It’s a little all over the place right now. With the arc of time, it will become clearer.”

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