This Week in 13D Filings

13D are filed with the Securities and Exchange Comission usually within 10 days of an entity acquiring greater than a 5% position in any class of a companies securities. A filer must promptly update it's Schedule 13D to reflect material changes in fact.

Increases or Original Filings

  • (VITC): Osium Partners disclosed currently owning 2,754,906 shares or 7.4% following it's purchase of 401,461 shares from Nov 19 to Dec 30 at prices from $5.20 to $6.05 per shares
  • Blackberry (BBRY): Fairfax Financial Holdings (FFH.CA) (FRFHF) increased it's holdings to 101,988,700 shares (17.7%) after it purchased 129,000 for $7.70 and disclosed exercising an option to purchase $250M in Blackberry debt.
  • PHH (PHH): Orange Capital increased its holdings to 3,454,088 shares (6%) after it purchased 587,264 shares from Nov 7 to Jan 8 for $22.62 to $24.54 each. 
  • QEP Resources (QEP): Jana Partners holding is at 16,985,857 shares (9.5%) after it bought 3,587,457 from Dec 20 to Jan 13 for $29.46 to $30.64. On Nov 22 it purchased 1,984,700 shares by exercising options and it sold 144,548 at 39.39 on Dec 26.

Decreases in Holdings Filings

  • Superior Industries (SUP): Gameco Investors (GBL) will be nominating 3 members to the board (Walter M. Schenker, Ryan J. Morris and Philip Blazek) but sold 6,000 shares to decrease it's holdings to 3,630,484 shares (13.2%). Prices for the sale ranged from 19.05 to 19.91
  • Lexmark International (LXK): BlueMountain Capital cut its stake to 3,184,767 shares (5.1%) after it sold 543,843 from Jan 2 to Jan 9 for $35.11 to $36.18
  • Liberator Medical Holdings (LBMH): Millennium Management decrased its holdings to 7,449,079 shares (14.2%) after it sold 634,123 from Nov 22 to Jan 9 for $3.2 to $4.69
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