Could Chef Watson help you plan how to use what's in your fridge?

Working with chefs at the Institute of Culinary Education, IBM is taking meal planning to new levels as it employs Watson it's Jeopardy Winning Artificial Intelligence Computer to plan recipes. Watson recently released in cloud computing form is tackling an arena traditionally very difficult for computing. Programs exist that take limited sets of ingredients and suggest common recipes that include all of them. IBM is looking to push the envelope of creativity. Such technology could help create appetizing yet unique food combinations while at the same time helping people use ingredients they have more efficiently. “Recipe-generating programs already exist, but they are generally simple and case based, substituting new ingredients based on flavors that have worked well in other dishes. The IBM project is trying for something much harder: a system that comes up with radically new dishes based on combinations of ingredients and flavors that people would probably find appealing but may never have been put together in a dish before.”

Read more: IEEE Spectrum

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